Roll Call, The Many Names of Milton, Unreport #3

Still no definitive answer for Milton’s show name.

Major Conn. Registered name [Milton’s Real Name]. The name we would have to use for any FEI-level competitions or pay a $$$$ name-change fee. Not likely to be a problem. 2008

Pedigree Database
Milton. Stable name. Came with him. pre-2014

Canadian Cold Front. First attempt [Meet Milton]. Died on the vine. Get it? He came down from Canada. No one else was amused. 2014

Monochrome Rainbow. Playing off the variety of grays in his coat. Came up with in 2017 [Show Names]. Used on stall card for non-compete shows in 2018 [Notes from North GeorgiaHere for the Experience]. 2017

Moonlight Rainbow. A more poetic version of the above. Used for dressage shows in 2018 [Maintaining Our Firm Grip On Last Place, For This I Cleaned My Tack?]. 2018

Miltonn. Note the 2 Ns. Differentiates him from the other Milton, see below. Harks back to the 2 Ns in his registered name. Used for the postponed dressage show [Unreport #1]. I’m concerned that the funky spelling would be more trouble that it is worth. 2019

The easiest thing would be to show Milton under his stable name. I have no problem with that in theory. First Horse had a single barn/show name. However, one of the best show jumpers of the 20thC was a grey(UK) named Milton [Wiki, Horse & Hound: 12 fascinating facts about our hero]. Seems presumptuous to show my gray(USA) Milton under the same name.

My Milton?
Minor Milton?
Minor League Milton?
The Other Milton?
Another Milton?
Major Milton?
Milton Mark II?
Milton 2.0?
Maximum Milton?
Millennium Milton?

Show managers understand about indecisive horse owners. The dressage show entry form asked for Show Name and Name On Coggins.

As I suspected, the two-n version of Milton won’t wash. It failed first time out of the box. [Pre-Flight Check].

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

4 thoughts on “Roll Call, The Many Names of Milton, Unreport #3

  1. Milton the Monster? Not because of him, just the old Sat. morning cartoon show. It’s your fault, you know, that ever since you got Milton I can’t get the theme song from that cartoon out of my head. 🙂
    How many people are going to know about the other Milton? Not presumptuous, a tribute.
    I was only able to compete Chief once before my spine got too wonky. I showed him under his registered name of Chief Comanche. His barn name? Chief. Keep things simple. Just let Milton be Milton.

  2. aw haha i like Major Milton 😉 i’m the worst at naming things and basically always just go with whatever they came with. but i don’t blame you for not feeling…. too excited about Major Conn…

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