Dressage Called on Account of Rain, Show Unreport #1

Last weekend was supposed to be Milton’s 2019 show debut. Then the weather dumped Noah’s Ark amounts of water on us. Show postponed.

At first, the goal was show acclimation. We aren’t ready to have our canter transition seen in public. So, no WTC tests for us. I signed up for the same two walk-trot tests we did last year [Maintaining Our Firm Grip On Last Place, For This I Cleaned My Tack?]. Sigh. I was even going to schedule a blog post for the day to remind myself that our goal was getting Milton used to the show atmosphere, regardless of what we did in the ring.

Then we had our jumping lesson [Big Trot]. The warm-up from that helped me ride Milton better at our dressage schooling [Where In The World Is Milton?]. No surprise. Flat work is flat work. Maybe there is a difference when one gets to 4′ hunter derbys and shadbelly levels of dressage. Where I’m standing, it’s all about forward and listening and happy kid on a happy pony.

So, I have a small flickering hope that our actual tests won’t be horrid. Now, we have even more time to get ready. If it every stops raining.
Process notes: Fiddled with lightness & saturation sliders to make the photo look more like what I saw. A first, or close to.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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