Show Names

Vet has come. Blood has been drawn. Names have been chosen.

Registered Name: Major Conn [Real Name]
Stable Name: Milton
Show Name: Monochrome Rainbow

Registered Name: none
Stable Name: Rodney
Show Name: Double Solitaire

Despite my love of data, I am not doing a retrospective of Rodney’s aborted show names over the years. I am looking forward. This is will be the one that matters, the one that gets used. Onwards.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

5 thoughts on “Show Names

  1. My little mare Princess (a.k.a. Priney) was registered with the Dressage Federation (as a cross-bred, not eligible for breed registration) as J.A. Princess but shown as Safe Harbour, a name chosen with the help of Kathie Mautner. She (Priney, not Kathie 🙂 ) was half Welsh Pony/half Thoroughbred.

  2. Registered names be weird.

    Do you need to go undercover? I’d think you’d be hard to catch up with as is. Also, do you realize your signature links to what I assume is an old blog?

    Everyone else: Advice I Needed Yesterday is a blog about global adventures.

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