Show Names

Vet has come. Blood has been drawn. Names have been chosen.

Registered Name: Major Conn [Real Name]
Stable Name: Milton
Show Name: Monochrome Rainbow

Registered Name: none
Stable Name: Rodney
Show Name: Double Solitaire

Despite my love of data, I am not doing a retrospective of Rodney’s aborted show names over the years. I am looking forward. This is will be the one that matters, the one that gets used. Onwards.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. My little mare Princess (a.k.a. Priney) was registered with the Dressage Federation (as a cross-bred, not eligible for breed registration) as J.A. Princess but shown as Safe Harbour, a name chosen with the help of Kathie Mautner. She (Priney, not Kathie 🙂 ) was half Welsh Pony/half Thoroughbred.

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