What Does Your Phone Say About You? Instagram Recap, June 2019


Posts through mid-June 2019 from my blog Instagram account, @myvirtualbrushbox. Previous [Looking Back, Milton & Moonlight, Instagram Recap, April 2019].

Posts By Subject
Five Horse – Milton 3, Rodney 1, Other 1
One Horse Adjacent – hay trip
Two Cat
One Other – roses

Posts By Location
One Home – tabby kittens
One Barn – Milton’s ear
Four SSF – Rodney, Ricky & Lucy, Milton in bunny ears, roses
One FHF – Milton & poles
Two Other – Clydesdale, hay

Most liked – Clydesdales

Process Notes. I use my latest Instagram photo as my home screensaver both for variety and to remind me to post to Instagram. I posted the rose photo mainly to get the Budweiser theme song out of my head after 10 days of looking at the beribboned, big, bay butt [Even The King].

My lock screen saver is a quote from Psalm 118, This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. The Bible Gateway, Psalm 118:24, page list 53 versions. It’s fascinating how a slight difference in wording alters the tone of the phrase.

When a local evangelical got on my case about being saved, I wanted to wave my phone in their face and ask ‘Is this religious enough for you?!’ But that felt like praying on a street corner, so I made noncommittal face gestures and hoped they went away.

But I digress. On to pictures.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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