Hard Times Horse, Alexandria VA, Guest Photos

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Vicarious travel for the win. Photos taken March 2020, early in the month, before the world went away. Welcome Amy. [Amy’s Archives]

Deja vu? Yes. I sent this into the ring prematurely back on May 3, 2020. Was excused and sent back to wait in warm-up [Together]. Yesterday afternoon, dentist called to announce that my onlay was ready, so I sent this back in [Outing Report].

Hard Times Cafe, Alexandria, VA, USA

“Originally a mannequin at a saddle store, the fiberglass horse you can see outside Hard Times on evenings and weekends is a local landmark.” Visit Alexandria: 6 Things You Didn’t Know about Hard Times Cafe, 1. The Hard Times Horse, of course, Kelsey, November 6, 2014

“Last July, a horse statue outside Hard Times Cafe in Alexandria was given knitted leg warmers, a big blanket and other winter accessories.” Washington Post: A Yarn-bombing with heart, Jessica GoldStein, July 1, 2011

Alexandria Gazette Packet

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