Bear With Me, I’m Strolling As Fast As I Can, Walk Report, Gotta Go Medal, 5K

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5K at home
Sunday, June 14, 2020
Time – 1:05:37
Pace, clock – 21:11 min/mile
Pace, calculated – 2.9 mph

Medal from Virtual Strides. No real-world location associated with this walk. Virtual Strides: Gotta Go.

The Plan
Walked the day before. One of the bikes needed a farrier. No biking. Figured I see how I did with two walks in one weekend. Originally planned to do this in a local park for variety. However, this was the day after l’affaire cat food. I was not up for dealing with people. Pasture here I come. [Flying Pig Saturday, Putting The Outside World In Time Out]

The Possibility
Can I do this in one hour? Can I mosey peacefully 15% faster? You’d think so. I did the first two IRL in 54 & 56 minutes. Same distance, right?


Terrain. Off road. Not to mention the distraction of wandering into the barn to check on, feed, pat horses.

The Problem
To average a 20-ish minute pace, or just over 3 mph, one has to occasionally go faster to make up for times when one goes slower. In addition to the above mentioned horses, pasture distractions include patting the dog who has come out for a visit and removing a vine you almost tripped over.

After all that stomping, I wasn’t even close. I guess I’ll go back to my turtle pace. What I got to rush off for?

[Walk Archives]

Do you walk, run, exercise for the pure joy of it, or do you need bling/ribbons to keep you motivated? Tell me I’m not alone.

Update. Virtual race benefits Girls with Guts, “The mission of Girls With Guts is to support and empower women with inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s disease & ulcerative colitis) and/or ostomies through the building of sisterhood and self-esteem.” ibid.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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