Feed Change, Milton Joins the Senior Set, What’s In The Feed Scoop, Summer 2020


Lucky enough to have a horse.

Awareness of the outside world (& friend brag). Photo guru Meg McKinney was hired to take the photos of the Montgomery mural in this article, Alabama News Center: Black Lives Matter murals paint Alabama in a different light this 4th of July. More on the mural, AL.com: Montgomery slave market site bears ‘Black Lives Matter’ mural. [Archives]
In the process of switching Milton to the senior feed that Rodney is on. Switch is official, just feeding out the last bag, which of course takes longer and longer as you feed less and less of the old feed. Zeno’s feed scoop.

Rodney’s feed. ProElite Senior.

Milton’s old feed. ProElite Performance.

The more I fed, the more I wondered why we bothered with two bags. Looked awfully similar to me.

Bag comparison:
Adds alfalfa
Beet pulp, 17% -> 16%, close enough
Protein, 12% -> 14%, not crazy about this but his dinner scoop is small
Less fat*
No oats

Don’t see any deal breakers. Single bag it is. Let’s see how long that lasts. One way or another we always seem to end up back with separate bags. *Side note, Previous Horse & Matilda got veg oil as supplement for years. Did great. These two not so much. Weird.

The rest of dinner is the same, mostly:

Cosequin for both

Cimetidine for Milton [Annoying Shortages]

Sand-Aid, although haven’t feed in a while. Keeping boats unrocked.

Treat. Not shopping as often = less fresh fruit. I’ve gotten out of the habit of a tossing in an apple or carrot. Don’t worry, they get plenty of carrots & cookies from the cookie dispensary. (Not me, I’m the buzzkill. I insist on work for treats.)

[What’s In The Feed Scoop, Winter 2020]

Stay safe. Stay sane,
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4 thoughts on “Feed Change, Milton Joins the Senior Set, What’s In The Feed Scoop, Summer 2020

  1. I’ve fed ProElite for 3 years, exclusively. Two seniors and a robust middle-age Arab. (Previous GQ was on it also) The boys get a pound of senior and a half pound Grass Advantage twice a day, which means I’m cutting down significantly on the senior feed, while still getting plenty of protein and keeping the sugar content lower. (GA: more protein, less sugar than senior) Miss Fatty Pants ONLY gets a half pound of Grass Advantage twice a day, which is enough to hit her basic needs quota. All are on a dry lot, meaning nothing but dirt unless I specifically allow them pasture time. They get unlimited quality first cut hay 24/7. When my horses get ridden they get ridden hard (generally speaking, several hours at a clip, with lots of hills), but they can also stand around for several weeks at a time. (Weather) I’ve seen no excess energy or attitude with this feed and it’s kept both my senior boys in such great body condition that my vet remarks about it every spring. (And she actually thinks Miss Fatty Pants is looking a bit more slim now, too.) I also love that my distributor (who drives 2 hours from NYC to get to my location) delivers my two measly bags (one of each) every other week, free of charge. Everything I’m feeding has been laid out for me by the ProElite rep. We talk every 10 months or so to go over our program to see if it needs tweaking. I have zero complaints.

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