What’s In The Feed Scoop, Winter 2020


Lucky enough to have a horse.

Introductory note: Wanted to include witty and engaging commentary. Not happening. Brain clogged with the latest from the news cycle. Stay safe out there.

& apple or carrot

Images from manufacturers’ websites.

ProElite Senior
ProElite Performance, handful

ProElite Performance
ProElite Senior, handful
Heartburn Relief, aka cimetidine
DuMorSand-Aid, occasional

[What’s In The Feed Scoop, Winter 2019]

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3 thoughts on “What’s In The Feed Scoop, Winter 2020

  1. We love ProElite! Been feeding it for two years now. We feed a full scoop of senior to our seniors topped with a half scoop of Grass Balancer which lets us reduce their overall intake. My mare only gets a half scoop of balancer because she’s a full-figure kind of gal. The youngster gets a half scoop of both. They’ve all done great on it and the quality control of their product is unlike any other I’ve used before. Added bonus …. my supplier delivers it right to my farm, free of charge. Yay!

  2. Like the product. Hate the name. Way too over the top. Dislike the tagline almost as much. Every time I pick up a bag & read “there can only be one best”, I think, ‘True, but nothing means that has to be you.’ Yeah, I argue with feed bags.

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