Strolling Along The Avenue In My Mind’s Eye, Virtual New Balance 5th Avenue Mile, September 2020

Fit To Ride

Awareness of the outside world. The county-by-county election map is fascinating. Most states, red or blue, are blue dots in a sea of red.

Virtual New Balance 5th Avenue Mile
Official – September 4 to 13, 2020
Me – September 13, 2020
My location – pasture
Time & pace – 17:15 min
Placing – leisurely, see box
Tracking App – Strava
No physical swag
Free entry

Race Results

Digital finisher’s bib.

Last weekend was the TSC New York City Marathon. The desire to walk the associated 5K through Manhattan was what started my 5k idea. [Proof of Concept]

Alas this year, no IRL New York for anyone. Double alas, they had a Virtual Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K, but they had it without me. Back when I was looking at races/walks for the second half of the year, all I found was a NYC 5k that was tied up with two other races. This mile on Fifth Avenue was the closest I could get.

The virtual Fifth Avenue mile was fun, as I have walked up and down most of that street over the years.

Photo from 2018 trip, 57th & 5th. [Armchair Travel Opportunity]

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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