Vulcan On Parade at the Zoo


Awareness of the outside world. Radio Garden. Listen to radio stations around the world.

Indigenous Vulcan
by Rhandi Weaver
Birmingham Zoo

Photos taken during Nashville walk at BZ. [Walk Report]

BZ: Birmingham Zoo to Unveil New Nature Inspired Miniature Vulcans on Parade Statue, 2017
Vulcan Park and Museum: Vulcans On Parade
Bham Wiki: Vulcans on Parade

[Views of Vulcan, Revisited]

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3 thoughts on “Vulcan On Parade at the Zoo

  1. Saratoga Springs has done two projects: ballet shoes and horses. It’s a great opportunity for local artists. So many different interpretations.

  2. A number of cities, some years back, did horses. But life-size figures painted by different artists. Several were called “Trail of Painted Ponies,” and I think the books might still be available somewhere.
    How do I convince Radio Garden that I don’t live in Rockville anymore? Wish I did, but I don’t. Even Publishers Clearing House is going to go to the wrong place. As if.

  3. Horses, Ballet Shoes, VuIcans. I wonder how many different X on Parades have been done. I wonder if anybody knows.

    “How do I convince…” You computer thinks you still live there? For a long time, my computer thought I lived in Georgia. Made for interesting search results.

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