I May Be A Whiney Princess, That Doesn’t Mean I’m Wrong

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Awareness of the outside world. The code for Ingenuity is posted on GitHub. Open source space flight. Didn’t see that coming. Hackaday: A Look At The “Risky” Tech In NASA’s Martian Helicopter, by Tom Nardi, February 20, 2021.

In ‘Fraidy Cat Eventing: still trying to learn from the past, the author talks about finding a riding instructor. Reminded me of an incident from my own hunt.

Remember Milton’s one lesson with a dressage instructor? The one that badly upset both horse and rider? [Milton’s Missing Lesson]

A while back I ran into the friend who had been working with the trainer in question. Turns out, she had moved on. Turns out, her horse had to go through some physical and mental decompression after leaving the program.


Milton hated the place on sight. If your horse doesn’t like somewhere, listen. He might be getting intel from the locals.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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