Another One That Got Away, In Which I Briefly Considered Going To A Horse Show

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Awareness of the outside world. I have not forgotten the pandemic. Still applying pro & cons from last time. Six months on, case rates, knowledge, & vaccines (!) are all heading desirable directions. [ To Show, Factor 1]

Horse show last weekend. Didn’t go. Timing was wrong. Another entry in my ongoing series of non-show reports. [Woe Is I 2019, To Show Or Not To Show 2020]

Closing date, i.e. last call for entries, was just after horses got shod. We had started Rodney’s prophylactic bootie regimen. While the show was later in the month, we had no idea how long would it take Mr. Sensitivity to adjust. Might be three days. Might be three weeks. [Fixing The Future]

On the day of the show, he was fine. Bad call.

Winter is not Rodney’s best time. If his body is cold and cramped, so is his attitude. Even if the day itself wasn’t cold, the intervening days would be.

Ha! [Snow Day 2021]

On the day of the show, temp was 47 degrees at our probable ride time. Borderline okay. However, 22 degrees the night before meant he’d still be thawing out. Good call.

Loss of Impulsion
I had the thought that it might be fun to take my horse to a show and trot around the ring. Not for schooling. Not as training for something else. Just for funsies. The impulse didn’t last. Nice to know it’s still in there.

As the weather warms, so will Rodney’s attitude. He really is amazingly affected by the thermometer.

The facility has another show in two weeks. Still too unpredictably cold. Am darting short, sidelong glances at the April edition.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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