Snow Day 2021


Lucky enough to have a horse

Awareness of the outside world. CNN: More than 150 million Americans under winter weather alerts as record cold temps make life miserable, by Almasy, Silverman & Sutton, February 16, 2021. Impact on our area was minimal, unlike other parts of the state & country.
Two days ago.

I know I won’t get the slightest sympathy for a layer of snow that is thinner than frosting on a cupcake.

Can I get a nod for 18 degrees and a Feels Like of 8 degrees at 9 am? Below freezing the entire day. Our average low is 37; record low is 11. Wunderground:Birmingham, AL Weather History for Feb 16.

Worry not about the horses. They had hot water carried to the barn.

Previous snow day post was January 2018. Either we haven’t had snow during the intervening three years or I did not post about it, I find the latter hard to believe. [In or Out? On or Off? Questions of Horse Management]

Stay safe. Stay sane. Stay warm.

4 thoughts on “Snow Day 2021

  1. It’s all relative. I’ve been in the tropics when it fell to 65 at night. It was so cold. Earlier this month, we had a wind chill of -25 but we had heat so we were fine.

    Lucky horses to have such good grooms.

    How is the zoo doing?

  2. Agree on weather relativity. I was colder in MD than in NH. Zoo appears to be zoo. Lots of people both times I went. I would guess it’s benefitting from the lower risk of transmission for outside activities.

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