Views of Vulcan, Revisited


Awareness of the outside world. Vulcan Park and Museum: Virtual and Outreach Programs. Lots of kid/school stuff. For adults, the Learning From Home section has a Virtual Museum Tour in six episodes. Caveat, I have not watched these. On my list.

Magic City Lights
Artist: Carrie McGrann
Vulcan Park & Museum: Vulcans on Parade

Where & When
Taken in Railroad Park during a virtual 5K. [Strolling In Another Park]

A while back I came up with a project taking pictures of Vulcan.

Vulcan is Birmingham’s answer to the Statue of Liberty. You can see him from all over the city. His image is everywhere. In Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji, Japanese woodblock artist Katsushika Hokusai portrays the mountain from a variety of angles in a variety of seasons. That’s my plan. With photography. Photos to be added and upgraded as photos are taken and my photography improves. Off Topic: Views Of Vulcan Project, OT: Views of Vulcan

This lasted for 10 photos and then wandered off to wherever old projects go. I don’t get into town enough. When I do, I don’t have the kind of long-range lens that can handle scenic distance. So, I’m restarting it with an emphasis on Vulcan iconography instead of the big iron man himself.

“Magic City Lights” was the pilot statue … painted by Birmingham art teacher Carrie McGrann.
Vulcans on Parade: The Story Behind the Statues

“I really wanted to go with the theme of Birmingham being the Magic City,” McGrann said.” The Local: Vulcans on Parade, by Grace Miserocchi, 2015

Bham Wiki: Vulcans on Parade

Other art by McGrann, 4. Children Holding Up the City. Bham Now: A Guide to your Fave Bham Murals, by Vicky Lewis 2016

Photos Since Project Hiatus

[Vulcan Stroll, Magic City Virtual 5K, November 2020]

[Spotted on the Vulcan Trail]

All Project Photos, So Far
[Gallery, Views of Vulcan]

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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