Coming Fact to Face With Unpleasant Realities


Awareness of the outside world. File this under things I had not thought through. “In North America alone, more than 60 billion pounds of (would be) waste is kept out of landfills and water ways, and instead is converted into ingredients for various soaps, lubricants, textiles, pet foods and animal feeds … Without rendering, an untenable strain would be placed on our environment as waste products from meat producers and consumers would overwhelm our existing means of waste disposal. In addition, without turning an otherwise waste product back into a valuable feed ingredient, demand would increase on alternative feed ingredients, such as soybeans and corn, leading to price increases across a wide range of foods and other consumer products.BHT: Rendering 101. In addition to the obvious, rendering material includes, “Trimmings from supermarket butcher shops, expired meat products from grocery stores, and used cooking oils from restaurants and commercial kitchens.” ibid.

I saw this sign near Railroad Park while I was walking in a virtual 5K. I took the picture because blog post. Initially, I was hesitant to post the photo. It harks back to a reality when horses where as common as cars. Hence the title of the post. Turns out the sign is historic, but not the way I thought. [Strolling In Another Park]

Birmingham Hide & Tallow is still going strong, now as BHT Resources. “Our service offerings have grown to include rendering, waste cooking oil management and grease trap management.” BHT: The BHT Story.

The dog part of the sign was put up in the 1960s by a dog food company. In the 1980s, BHT bought the building, refurbished the famous sign, and added their name. In 2010, BHT moved, rehabbed the sign, and donated it to Regions Field. Penny dog food sign will wag again at Regions Field, by By Kyle Whitmire, 2013 updated 2019

Bham Wiki: Penny

Roadside America: Penny the Dog

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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