Commercial Horses, Banking


Awareness of the outside world. Once again, I ask, charity or PR? Or both? Wells Fargo: Community Giving.

From old …

… to new.

Wells Fargo Unveils New Logo to Rebuild Its Battered Brand, by Steve Cocheo, with assistance from Bill Streeter, 2019

Process Notes

All photos from Birmingham branch. Street photo previously posted for photography project. Sign photos taken on the way home from Railroad Park. Four posts from one walk. That’s what I call a successful day. [Spotted at the Birmingham Mural]

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Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

2 thoughts on “Commercial Horses, Banking

  1. Time sink! I didn’t know about the Wells Fargo mural program. Interesting. Both good PR and charitable contribution. Thank you for including links in your posts. It makes it easier to spend time moving from this to that and learning things I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. It makes life richer.

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