Commercial Horses, Pharmacology and Trucks


Awareness of the outside world. Charitable giving or PR moves? You decide, Novo Nordisk: Grants and Corporate Giving , Chevy Cares.
Rybelsus – Trotting Riders

Video capture from iSpot: RYBELSUS Wake Up, November 13, 2020.

Animation shows two pleasure riders trotting past, wearing helmets! Okay, there’s some tack confusion. They are dressed with long English boots but riding in Western saddles. Not sure what the bridle counts as. The sitting trot matches the tack but not the attire. Anyway, posting would be harder to animate. Then, horses and riders jump on a carousel. Not sure what the message is there.

The point is, riding as a mainstream activity! Helmets!

Fierce Pharma: Novo Nordisk debuts animated Rybelsus ad after COVID-19 nixed film shoot by Sharon Klahr Coey.

Chevy – Horse Spooks at Truck

Video capture from YouTube: Chevy Just Better, November 13, 2020.

A man is putting a bale of hay into his truck. BTW, he’s using hay hooks. Does anyone actually use those things instead of just grabbing the baling twine, particularly for loading a few bales into your personal truck? But I digress. In the background, a horse is being led past as mobile scenery. As the horse comes behind the truck, the horse takes a few skitter steps indicating incipient meltdown. The scene cuts away. Probably not the message they were intending to convey.

I am not alone in stalking commercials. A blogger was happy to see his favorite car at the end of this commercial. “Chevrolet doesn’t do as many broad product commercials as you would think, and frankly, most TV advertising dollars are now dedicated to trucks and crossovers. So we’ll take any TV time we can get.” [VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Featured in New Chevrolet Commercial, ‘Just Better’, by Keith Cornett.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
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3 thoughts on “Commercial Horses, Pharmacology and Trucks

  1. I’ve seen this and couldn’t figure out the tack/attire thing either. But yay for Helmets!
    Someone once told me that as long as I had a helmet on top and hard-soled shoes with a heel on bottom, she didn’t care what I wore in between. I know she follows your blog but I don’t know if she remembrs this. I opted for clothing.
    I wondered about that carousel thing too.
    There’s a commercial for Xfinity mobile, one scene is a woman riding down the middle of the street, no helmet, holding phone in one hand, english attire, western tack, posting by pushing herself off her stirrups. Oh, and not looking where she’s going.
    During the brief period I worked at the barn – had to stop because I got an infection in my face and almost died – I would move hay bales by the twine. Don’t know if Nancy even owned any hooks.

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