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Awareness of the outside world. Discerning wider trends via responses to the blog?
Monthly State of the Blog [archives].

Not-meh. The blog itself is humming along. I continue to be obsessed with it and unobsessed everything else. [Blogging In A Time Of Crisis]

Meh. Meta-level commentary. Usually, I use the post on the last Saturday of the month to reflect on the blog itself. At the moment, I have no deep thoughts. The blog is doing what it does. I’m doing what I do. Not sure where the blog is going. Not sure where I want it to go. Maybe keeping me – and you – entertained is enough.

I have noticed that the comment level is down recently, both in number and length. There are one or two entries in the comment thread, which I deeply appreciate, but crowded it is not. Even the regular commenters (waves hi!) are mostly stopping by to say hi. The hits are the same, even growing slightly, so y’all are out there. Nobody’s saying very much.

I am equally reticent. Well, reticent for me. I have not been commenting on other blogs. I have not been commenting on my own blog. I am … decides not to go back for an exact count… many days behind on responding to comments.

I wonder if we’ve all collectively decided to hunker down and keep trudging. Sparkling intellectual repartee can wait until we have bandwidth for it.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

6 thoughts on “State of the Blog, Meh

  1. Excellent analysis.

    I have a wait and see attitude. The election is hang-fire, sort of, the vaccine is in the future, even our weather is weird. Plans are tentative to non-existent. OTOH, hunkering down has a nice, no deadline feel to it. Still time for a book, another knitting project, another kitchen adventure. While Now feels like a choice between a sense deprivation tank and the over-stimulation of the news, 2021 may bring some resolution.

    Until then, as you say, I am frugal with my bandwidth.

  2. Over the years commenting has gone way down across all blogs – I wrote an interesting post about Blogging last October ( where I mused on whether or not the medium is dead. There was a point in time where if you commented on a blog you were almost guaranteed a comment back on your own. Now that most people don’t read on desktops anymore, so many people have switched the mobile, commenting is down because commenting is onerous on mobile.

  3. I read on a desktop. I’m a technology dinosaur. I can’t even deal with a laptop, and I’m getting a flip phone, as I am forced to admit I need some sort of communications device.

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