Percussion in the Pasture, Virtual MLK Day 5K Drum Run, Walk Report

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Awareness of the outside world. Instead of one main charity, the run has multiple small beneficiaries, “When each community organization signs up as a team and becomes an approved beneficiary of the race, $5 of each team member’s registration will be returned to that organization for use in community efforts of its choice.” Drum Run, About. I would assume the intention here is to help organizations stir up enthusiasm and motivate their members up off the couch.

Virtual 2021 MLK Day 5K Drum Run
Official – Saturday, January 16, 2021
Date – Tuesday, January 19, 2021
Location – pasture
Time – 1:11:38
Results – none
Trackers – Map My Walk

Not much to say for the first medal of the year. This one was all about the soundtrack. In the IRL Drum Run, drumlines and different types of drumming groups are staged along the path. [Strolling To A Soundtrack]

This year, no path. Instead, they created a downloadable soundtrack. At 51 minutes, it was almost long enough for my walk. The image above is a screenshot for demonstration purposes. To listen &/or download, click here.

Due to the soundtrack, I walked in the pasture rather than out in public, so that could play the music as loud as I wanted, or at least as loud as my phone could manage. Did you know you could adjust the bass on your phone?

BTW, both horses think drums are weird. Lots of trotting back and forth. Lots of standing on alert. After awhile, lots of grazing. And didn’t I have fun watching my horse who-is-too-off-to-be-ridden trotting back and forth at his leisure, flinging his bootie-shod feet. But I digress. [Best Life]

Because of pasture, no new park to explore.

Weekly 5K? Check.

Medal? Check.

Amusing variation on standard 5K? Check.

Looking forward to next year IRL? Most definitely.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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