Odds and Ends, Spring Is Springing


Lucky enough to have a horse

Awareness of the outside world. Amplifier: #Vaccinated, Global Call for Art.

The unique joy of being downwind of gray horse who is being groomed while shedding. I had to brush brown AND gray hair off of Rodney.
The horses were gleefully tearing into a patch of thick, bright green grass. Looked good enough that, sauteed with a bit of garlic and butter, I’d eat it as a side dish.
Has anyone tried wearing a facemask during shedding season? I may have to try that. Thhffpt. Thhffpt.
On stormy days I miss not having a mare in the barn. Mares and I might not always see eye to eye, but it’s nice to leave the barn having someone with sense in charge.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

3 thoughts on “Odds and Ends, Spring Is Springing

  1. Eowyn is black and white, and still shedding like crazy. How a tiny dog like her can have so much fur…At least Priny and Chief were the same color.

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