New Park, Old Park, No Park, Year of the Ox Challenge, Walks 5, 6, and 6.5, Limestone, Railroad, and Liberty Parks

Fit To Ride


Awareness of the outside world. H.R.1319 – American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

Year of The Ox Virtual Challenge, Walk #5 [Intro]
Limestone Park
Official site, Birding Trail, Friends Of on FB
February 12, 2021
Distance – 6.22 km (3.87 miles)
Time – 1:35:15 min
Current Mileage – 20.61 km (12.81 miles)
To Go – 11.91 km (7.4 miles)
Total Distance – 32.53 km (20.21 miles)
Challenge in miles. Tracker set to kilometers for weekly 5Ks & virtual UK walk. [Digital Fun, LEJOG]

Lots of wandering back and forth to avoid soggy footing.

This park is amazing to me, if no one else. I have driven past the entrance for years. I had no idea there was a park wedged between light-industrial neighbors. The entire walk was accompanied by heavy clanging, beeping noises.

There are quarries in the area. If I processed the sign at all, I figured it was an office park for the limestone industry.

Observation deck.

View from the deck.

Panorama of park. From left, Manna Farm Alabaster Charity Gardens, red barn is on separate property of unidentified purpose, Alabaster Public Works, Alabaster RC Club

Walk 6.5

Year of The Ox Virtual Challenge, Walk #6 [Intro]
Railroad Park
February 13, 2021
Distance – 1.94 km (1.21 miles)
Time – 29.53 min
Current Mileage – 22.55 km (14.02 miles)
To Go – 9.97 km (6.19 miles)
Total Distance – 32.53 km (20.21 miles)

Into town in advance of ice storm. Took a turn around Railroad Park. Above, putting the railroad in Railroad Park. Previous walk [Strolling In Another Park Another Day, Walk Report, Savannah Bridge Run, Virtual 5K, December 2020]

Walk 6.5

Year of The Ox Virtual Challenge, Walk #6.5 [Intro]
February 17, 2021
Distance – 0 km (0 miles)
Time – 0 min
Current Mileage – 22.55 km (14.02 miles)
To Go – 9.97 km (6.19 miles)
Total Distance – 32.53 km (20.21 miles)

My first failure.

Liberty Park is a local neighborhood, development, planned community. One of those.

Attempt one. No path around eponymous statue, even if open. Did you know there are multiple Statues of Liberty? Atlas Obscura: New York’s Statue of Liberty is Just One of Many Worldwide, by Reeve, 2016, Wiki: Replicas of the Statue of Liberty.

Attempt two. Possible walking track around one of several sports fields. Boring but doable. In checking out the different options, I got lost in generic suburbia, aka Stepfordville. Would be there to this day if not for GPS.

Attempt Three. On way out, saw cute loop. Marked residents only. Gave up. Got out of HOA hell.

Previous Posts
[Virtual 2021]
[Ox 1, 2, 3, 4]

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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  1. I admire your precision. We are aiming for 12-18 miles/week. That doesn’t include the zigzag path while we each the rocky part of the shore for glass. Maybe 18-20-minute miles.

  2. Sounds like a lovely place to walk.

    As for precision, I usually tie my exercise to a virtual counterpart. I use the mileage to see how “far” I have gotten. I like the vicarious travel but am starting to chafe at the record-keeping. We’ll see how it goes.

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