One Year Later


Looking back to this time last year. Post inspired by A Enter Spooking: It’s Almost Been a Year. Appropriate, since a post on the same blog got me started pontificating about the times we find ourselves in. [Whither?]

A lot of recent commentary has called mid-March 2020, ‘Our last normal week.’ I beg to differ. Horrible things were happening. We didn’t know the size of the rock, but we could see it rolling down on us.

Monday, March 10 & Tuesday March 11, 2020
I’m sure I was listening to the news. Don’t recall anything specific to these days.

Some point in here. I had my annual medical check-up scheduled for the following Wednesday. I wondered about going. Called clinic, which is attached to hospital. They said, ‘Oh-sure-fine-come in.’ Really? Later, they called to cancel. Ya think?!

Wednesday, March 11, 2020
“We have therefore made the assessment that COVID-19 can be characterized as a pandemic.” WHO Director-General’s opening remarks at the media briefing on COVID-19 – 11 March 2020

I went to Stepping Stone Farm to watch a friend’s lesson.

Thursday, March 12, 2020
Saddle-seat lesson. [Center of Gravity].

After my lesson, I watched the resident horses get adjusted by an equine chiropractor. I expressed interest in having them come to my barn. When they call several weeks later to set up an appointment, I was startled and mildly horrified. No, I don’t want a total stranger driving over from another state. Hello? Pandemic? Lockdown? As it turns out, appointment would have been reasonably safe. Outside. I don’t generally hug my equine service providers, so social distance would have been maintained. We didn’t know this at the time. First indication that people would have different responses.

Thursday evening. Dinner before club meeting. Had reservations about attending, but not enough to take action. Afterwards, decide to bail on Friday’s dance class. Laziness masquerading as concern.

Friday, March 13, 2020
APH: First Alabama resident confirmed as positive for COVID-19

Saturday & Sunday
Took Rodney for schooling. [Super Duper Starter Neon Baby Green Hunter] posted March 17 for Sun March 15

Last time for six months. [We Take A Small Hop Forward, Schooling at Falcon Hill Farm, September 2020] Posted Sept 30 for Sun Sept 27.

Sunday, March 15, 2020
“FHF was the last place we went before the world shut down. Literally. It was a Sunday in mid-March. Husband’s work was scheduled to close on Wednesday. As we were getting ready to leave FHF, he was notified that work was closing Monday, the next day. Everyone had one day to come in, get their lives arranged, and then go home.” [Small Hop]

I wish I had some.

We are living through an historic moment. That feels like an appropriate time for Deep Thoughts.

… um ….

… nope …

Usually words are my strong suit. I certainly had a lot to say à la minute, over 40 posts worth. I have no overarching conclusions. A year of boredom, cacophony, and existential screaming. [Pandemic posts archive]

How about a few lists instead?

Places I went
Grocery stores and their ilk, e.g. CVS
Feed store(s)
Dunkin Donuts, my lollipop after medical appointments
Dentist [Outing Report, In Which I Venture To The Dentist]
Tires [Shod!]
Parks, many, many parks [Medley]
Bookstores, not as often as you’d think [Venturing Out]
I’m sure there is more, but you get the idea. Mainly errands.

Stopped by SSF a few times. Remember back when they were encouraging us to buy gift certificates to support local businesses? I dropped off a check for future lessons and show fees. Someday. I also stopped by to babysit an award. Ribbon has gone were it belongs. Glass trophy awaits reestablishment of F2F meetings. Someday. [Wither Wednesdays]

Farthest from home
Feed store [The Beginning]

Things I would not have done otherwise
Virtual BreyerFest [Happenings at the Horse Park]
Virtual Tevis [Archives]
[Upside, Hard To Be Happy]

Things I would have done otherwise
Non-emergency dental appt. [Same. Same]
Doc appts. Had a mammogram. Everything else is routine vet check. It can slide a few months.
Horse shows. Maybe. [The Year Without Horse Shows]

Yeah, I don’t get out much. Food for thought. If a pandemic doesn’t change your lifestyle, perhaps you need to be more engaged. I already knew that.

Over the past year, I’ve not been as worried about my own safety. My health is such that I figured if I got it, it would massively suck for a few days, and I would get better. Perhaps I should be/have been more worried. Nothing is guaranteed. However, I have been deeply concerned about social safety. I decline to be a vector.

Word was ‘Stay home if you can.’

I could, so I did.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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  1. Hard to believe that it’s been a year. OTOH, it seems like forever.

    Thanks for the link to A Enter Spooking. I don’t get around the internet as much as I should. Interesting blog.

  2. I’m sorta glad I keep losing track of days, otherwise it would have seemed even longer than it did. Does. Vaccinated but still masks and social distancing. Adapting to new living situation. ‘Curbside delivery’ at vets; have to knock on door as don’t have phone. And on and on and on.

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