Mood On Monday, Upside, Hard To Be Happy


Awareness of the outside world. As has been my habit lately, Mondays are about pondering the moment we all find ourselves in. All really means all this time. I wonder if this qualifies as the first truly global event.
Woo-Hoo! I’ve done BreyerFest! Spent the weekend (virtually) roaming Kentucky Horse Park. Plastic Ponies! People! Seminars! Shopping! Much fun was had!



This never would have happened without a world-wide pandemic. I’m sure we would all prefer that I had stayed home and thousands of model horse fans had spent last weekend partying at KHP without me.

I’m interested in BreyerFest and model horses, clearly. However, it’s a low-key interest. A model here. A blog post there. I would not have taken the time and effort and expense to haul myself to Kentucky. Next time I drive through the gates of the Horse Park, I want to be hauling MY horse so that I can show MYSELF. Hear that universe? [7 Ways To Dodge Nostalgia, “Clearly, I am not as over this as I claim.” Dream Rides]


While I would not have rousted myself to a WorldCon, I am looking forward to participating in virtual CoNZealand that starts later this month.

Similarly the USDF annual convention in December has gone virtual and is free to members. I certainly plan on stopping by. [Ambushed By My Mailbox]

All manner of opportunities; at such a cost.

The world is on fire. Enjoying myself because folks are forced to go virtual feels as if I am using the flames to roast marshmallows.

A more positive take on the weekend tomorrow.

Stay safe. Stay sane,
Katherine Walcott

8 thoughts on “Mood On Monday, Upside, Hard To Be Happy

  1. I’m sad to miss comic-con this year and I’m sure the virtual sessions won’t be the same amount of fun or networking for me, but it is what it is. Having access to other things I normally wouldn’t have access to is great!

  2. Virtual Comic.con! Rushes over to check out website. They appear to be sold out? Website is a wee bit hazy for the noncognoscenti. They are not opening all or part of it now that they are virtual? Sad face. Have an awesome time. I’d love to read a post con report.

  3. L.Williams: Looks like it may be free? Instagram says the panels will be shown on YouTube. Happy face.

    debandtoby. VR sell out. You need a password to enter. Limit sales of same. Virtual reality is a grandiose term. At this point, VR is mostly watching videos. Says the non-gamer. YMMV.

  4. The one silver lining that has come out of this for me is that I finally made the time to try yoga. Turns out I *love* it. I keep thinking that without the pandemic, I would have just kept making excuses and never would have gotten into it. But then I think that I would gladly miss the opportunity for a cool new hobby if we could have avoided all of this…

  5. I saw your yoga posts. Wanted to comment. Since I hate yoga with a fiery passion, I couldn’t figure out what to say. Yoga is great … for other people. Static is not a good place for me. Tai chi? Walking meditation? Fine. Standing still? Shudder.

    1. i feel that way about lifting/running/etc. Great… for other people. I am doing vinyasa flow yoga so there is very little holding still. It’s one breath to one movement and I love it. I struggle with the whole zen mindset thing… but at least I’m PHYSICALLY doing the thing…

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