I Came, I Saw, I Sat On The Couch, Show Report, Virtual BreyerFest 2020

Travel, of a sort

Awareness of the outside world. Upside of a weekend away: virtual vacation. Downside of a weekend away: the alarming psychic thud of returning to the wider world.

Woo-Hoo! I’ve done BF! Spent the weekend (virtually) roaming Kentucky Horse Park. Plastic Ponies! People! Seminars! Shopping! Much fun was had!

All the joys of home.

Did they do a good job? Depends on your starting point. They could’ve canceled and said see ya next year. Instead, they completely retooled the event. In three months. During a pandemic. Bravo.

Videos. Awesome. The Tempel Lipizzan video went from foal zoomies to airs above the ground demos. Police horse and Breyer star Oliver took us on a ride-along. Massive KHP nostalgia. BreyerFest Blog: You might have heard about our Celebration Horse, Oliver? 2019.

Seminars, workshops, hobby how-tos. Breyer Horses began as a side gig. “It was a special order for the F.W. Woolworth Company, made to adorn a mantelpiece clock. Breyer was flooded with requests from people who wanted to know if they could purchase just the horse! With that first horse, the Breyer Molding Company had changed the focus of its business forever!” Breyer: Breyer History. The smaller sizes were introduced during the oil crisis in the 70s when price of plastic went up.

One demonstrator had a large LEGO model in background of the video. LEGO & horses. Will you be my new best friend?

The video on how-to photo show sadly told me nothing new. I say sadly because that means I need to get off my butt and take pix. No magic tricks; just practice.

People on various social media channels chatted up a storm. Sharing photos. Helping each other navigate around the multiple pages. Bitching during problems. I include this as a benefit because it was good to find out that ‘Yeah, it’s not your machine, it’s a known glitch. Patience, Grasshopper.’

All the distractions of home. Pitchforks. Dishes.

Lotsa time starting at a screen. Until we have fully immersible rigs, that’s the reality of virtual reality.

Did they do a good job? Depends on your starting point. Will it win awards for computer management? No. I won’t belabor the problems, mostly to do with shopping. If you were there, you know. If you weren’t there, you don’t care. My completely unsupported opinion is that the site was wildly more popular than anticipated and blew up under the load. Good news for me for next year. Shows demand for a virtual component. I didn’t have a heavy emotional investment in any particular model. It was easy for me to shrug and move on.

Some tours were less interesting. Please stop talking and step aside. I’m here to see your horse. This could be addressed with a longer development time and the ability for segment producers to travel.

This one is completely personal. I have a cat who goes bonkers when my phone talks. Attacks phone. Tries to drag it off. I had to sit outside.

My Side
Did I have fun? Absolutely. I had no plans to go. Anything was better than nothing.

I attended out of curiosity. Have always wondered. While I have not experienced a true BreyerFest, I can extrapolate. Start with Virtual BreyerFest. Combine with Dragon*Con. Mix with the hours spent stomping around the Kentucky Horse Park. Leaven with years among horse people. I can close my eyes and have a good sense of how BreyerFest would feel IRL. [Peregrinatio in Stabilitate]

Would I go? Still no. Not if it meant a special trip. Too many other things I’d rather do instead. If I were in town/at KHP, I’d wander by. [Happenings at the Horse Park, In Which I Live Virtually and Vicariously]

If they have a virtual component? Again, absolutely. Get myself a model or two. Watch a few videos. See what the model horse world has been up to. Then put down my phone and go ride a horse.

Four more posts, when they fit into the schedule or show up in the mail. That will make nine total. I’ve certainly gotten my money’s worth for the blog.

Model Horse posts [archives].

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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