Let The Morning Rides Begin

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If you’re riding a horse, you’ve already won.


Awareness of the outside world. I got nothing. I’ve run out of words for appalled. If you are reading this from elsewhere in the world and are wondering what exactly the US is thinking, I don’t know what to tell you. I live here and I don’t understand.
At the beginning of the this month, we swapped the schedule. Horses in am; bikes in pm.

We kept getting caught out by afternoon thunderstorms. Plus, the buggy evening hours are easier to zip through on a bicycle. Summer afternoons in the South are a festival of bugs, heat, and thunderstorms.

Previous Horse did not like being ridden before breakfast, He was so unpleasant about it, we rarely tried. Their schedule was feed early, finish, wait an hour, ride. That was acceptable to himself.

The current barn occupants have a much more extended breakfast ritual. Naps are involved. An hour after breakfast, they have barely looked at their emails or finished their first cup of coffee. Work is not on the agenda.

Instead, they are perfectly happy to work before breakfast. Wait an hour. Feed. Get on with their day.

Go figure.

What is your exercise preference? Morning? Evening? Never?

Stay safe. Stay sane,
Katherine Walcott

8 thoughts on “Let The Morning Rides Begin

  1. Mornings are for motivated exercise, afternoons are for being ground down and depressed by the rest of humanity. Hmmmm, I wonder if there’s a correlation…?

    1. Could be. I spend my morning energy on other things and in the afternoon, I exercise and think over my day. When I exercise in the am, I’d bushed and the day goes less well.

  2. Night owl here. Can manage to crank myself up for Zoom yoga class @ 9:30, but only because I merely have to make it from bedroom to livingroom these days. Riding usually happens in the evening in the summer months … and I run on my treadmill @ 11pm or later. I’ve had people ask me whether that doesn’t leave me wired and unable to sleep. Nope – it leaves me pleasantly tired, and after a soak in the tub I sleep far better. But that’s me, and I freely acknowledge my circadian rhythms are a little fubar’ed. As for the beasties … they have not expressed a strong preference for one time of day over another.

    Re: the USA – yes, those of us inhabiting the rest of the world are feeling an even-larger-than-average dose of WTAF, and as for Americans governors suggesting we start to re-open the Cdn/US border, our unilateral response here in the GWN is Oh HELL no…

    1. For this old dinosaur, what do those initials mean? I think too much is opening too fast here in the USA, there are areas where death rates are rising again.

  3. Re: USA

    Captain Kirk: “Bones! How long will Covid-19 last?”

    Bones: “Dammit Jim! I’m a doctor, not a politician!”

    Exercise: All over the map.

  4. I used to be a night owl. I remember – dimly – when parties started at 11 pm. I think the Southern sun ground that out of me. One has until 10 am to be done with outdoor activities.

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