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Adventures in Saddle Seat


Not my own saddle seat adventures. I’m at Stepping Stone Farm often these days, but with Milton or Rodney. I haven’t saddle seated since … one lesson in May? This is living vicariously through other people’s saddle seat adventures.

Three horses and riders from SSF are at the Kentucky Horse Park for the Lexington Junior League Charity Horse Show. Lexington is second to Louisville in saddle seat show calendar. Go Team!

When I heard that Dottie was going, my first thought was ‘Oooooooo, I wish I could ride her there.’ La Prima [Rules] is such a dedicated performer that she would totally recognize a big show and rise to the occasion. Could I ride the resulting dynamo? Dunno. Be fun to try. I’ve never had that strong a reaction to taking a specific horse to specific show. She really is a special horse.

That led me to wonder about other dream show destinations.

Kentucky Horse Park. Everyone has competed there before me. Even my husband!!!! Clearly, I am not as over this as I claim [7 Ways To Dodge Nostalgia].

World’s Championship Horse Show in Louisville. Do I want to put the work in to get there in IRL? No. This is fantasyland.

All American Quarter Horse Congress. Never seen. Heard great things about.

Any big destination breed show. Arabs. Morgans. Paints. It’s fun to be part of the pageantry, even a small part.

Any size show in another country [Bucket List].

American Eventing Championships. Various locations. KHP for 2019 & 2020. [I Owe It All To Rodney]

Madison Square Garden. As was. Have I mentioned that I rode in the National Horse Show the year it moved out of New York. Oh, I have brought it up before [Spotted in NYC 2017 at a Special Place]? Moving on.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the big, cool shows I’ve had the opportunity to attended. I’ve mentioned the old side-saddle shows before, but I wouldn’t do me harm to be publicly grateful once every seven years [Bucket List – Accomplished].

National Academy Championship Horse Show. From [2013] to [2018]. And beyond?

Devon Horse Show and Country Fair. Done. Back in the 80s. Side-saddle.

Pennsylvania National Horse Show. Ditto.

Washington International Horse Show in its old home at the Capital Centre, Wiki. Also ditto. I tell you side-saddle is a great way for normal mortals to slip into these places.

Which puts another on the to do list.

Capital One Arena. Downtown DC. New home of WIHS. The goal this time would be Adult Jumpers.

Back in the present, Coach Courtney is talking about going to the St. Louis National Charity Horse Show this year. I’ve always wanted to go to that show …

How about, what are your dream shows? Or dream rides if you don’t show? Or dream events if you don’t ride?

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Katherine Walcott

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  1. At one time I really wanted to ride in the Hunter Division at WIHS. But as a senior who rode a pony, I knew it would be impossible no matter how hard I worked. Priney was already more than capable of that. There is height discrimination in the show hunter world!

  2. You would not believe the AQHA Congress. The vendors put the event-formerly-known-as-Rolex to shame. Multiple arenas doing just about anything that you and a horse can do together, and Temptation Alley (the walkway between the main arena and the parking lot is lined wall-to-wall with darling puppies for sale). And oh those awesome Quarter Horses! If you’ve never been, it’s well worth a one-time trip.

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