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Avventura was nice enough to like a post about Rodney’s exercises [Blow Winds]. One of her standing pages is a bucket list. Since I have already gone over my competitive goals [Where To?], here is my non-competitive equine bucket list:

+ Compete abroad. Not so much as a competition goal, but more as a slice of life in a foreign country. Of course, I’d want to win a ribbon. What a cool souvenir. Book idea. Pictures of ribbons from around the world, the past, & major competitions. I’d buy it.

+ See the Western States Trail Ride, i.e. the Tevis Cup.

+ Take a mule ride into the Grand Canyon.

+See a Spanish Riding School performance in Vienna, although I have been lucky enough to see two performances in the US & one practice session in Vienna. Each time I know more about riding and am more impressed with what they do. If you ever get the chance, it’s worth a bit of a drive. How often does one get excited about something & have it be better than what one expected?

+ Ride a trained Lipizzaner, a kind, understanding one.

+ See horses on an airplane during a nice safe flight in which the horses ate the snacks & enjoyed the inflight movie.

+ Ride a dressage schoolmaster to see what all the fuss is about.

+ Attend the All American Quarter Horse Congress. I’m told the trade show makes the one at Rolex look like a backyard swap meet.

Since it is far too easy to get carried away, Butter Side Down offers a reality check on My Equestrian Bucket List.

What’s on your list?

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  1. Mule ride down the Grand Canyon and the Spanish Riding School horses are on my list, too. Also riding from geo thermal pool to geo thermal pool in Iceland.

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