Awareness of the outside world. Giving credit where due. Mask compliance is picking up in my area. The tire store guys were 100%. Ditto the yuppie grocery store, both customers & employees. Also employees at office supply store – no other customers. (I really got adventurous, didn’t I? 3 stops!) The exception seemed to be the tire store customers, three mentioned below and another fellow who was carefully protecting his chin. Still, better overall than it was. Partly, different time; partly, different stores. Feed store was unchanged the last time I was there. Sigh.

Truck has new four tires. Michelin Defenders. Not cheap. So beautiful. The choice of discerning trucks everywhere, Cob Jockey: A Cautionary Tale About Truck Tires.

Found a shady spot and waited outside. Felt dorky carrying my chair. Turns out two people in the indoor waiting area had no masks. The other person had a mask hanging off one ear. No thanks. Better dorky than gacking.

Stay safe. Stay sane,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. Most stores around here – at least the ones I’ve been to – won’t let you in without a mask. The bank made an exception for me one time when I forgot because I had my face buried in Eowyn’s fur. I now carry a spare in my purse.

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