“This time, the Alabama state troopers saluted.”

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Awareness of the outside world. CNN: Watch Rep. John Lewis cross Edmund Pettus Bridge for the last time. Watch this and don’t get choked up. I dare you.
Am I a terrible person?

I watched the procession across the bridge.

I had thoughts.

… Wow … 55 years later… crossing the bridge again … an amazing moment …. how far we have come … of course, if we really wanted to honor his legacy, we’d stop this voter suppression bullshit … no, that’s a Monday thought; Sunday is for ceremony … stopping at the top of the bridge … a funeral of honor is an impressive sight … the family joins the procession … two guys holding their top hats in the air … so much style on display … so much thought went into each gesture … Good Trouble written on the men’s shirts … the singing, O, my heart …

All true.

At the same time.

I was looking at the horses.

Oooh, pretty … probably Friesians … look at those lovely tails … I wonder who supplied the horses .. I wonder if we know them … not a lot of driving barns in Alabama … hmm, they are wearing poop bags … what good boys (?) … that’s lot of noise … I wonder if the driver has his mask pulled down so the horses can hear his voice aids … big hill to climb … those two guys must be their headers … you can see the horses looking to them for reassurance … there’s a lot of people around us boss, we okay? …

I try to stay focused.

I get distracted by horsehair floating by.

Title quote from Montgomery Advertiser. Updates: John Lewis honored at Alabama Capitol after procession from Selma. By Melissa Brown. July 26, 2020.

National Park Service: Selma To Montgomery National Historic Trail

National Voting Rights Museum and Institute, Selma, Alabama, USA

Stay safe. Stay sane,
Katherine Walcott

7 thoughts on ““This time, the Alabama state troopers saluted.”

  1. I couldn’t stop crying when I read John Lewis died, he was an amazing human being. Had more grit than I could hope to have myself in a lifetime. A true inspiration.

  2. I don’t think the horses are Friesians; in some views you can see dark brown on the sides, like a very dark bay which is often taken for black. Also, Friesians have a lot more feathering on their lower legs, and it goes up higher than in these horses.

  3. Horses. “I don’t think the horses are Friesians …” Probably not. Crossbreed?

    John Lewis. The funeral was amazing, three hours of one good speaker after the other. They all spoke glowingly about different aspects of his life. The part were he started dating his wife was sweet.

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