A Is For Akhal-Teke

Awareness of the outside world. The Livestock Conservancy, LC: Endangered Equine Alliance, LC: Akhal-Teke Horse.

A Is For Akhal-Teke, long-legged & golden.

No personal connection to this breed. I’ve always thought they were cool. “The Byerly Turk, one of the three founding stallions of the English Thoroughbred, is thought to be an Akhal-Teke.” International Museum of the Horse: Akhal-Teke.

Inspired to start another series of alphabet posts by the article “How To Be In The World,” by Beth Lee, in Letter Arts Review, 34:2. For each letter of the alphabet, Lee has chosen a verb and relevant quote to do with right living: act, balance, connect, and so on.

I shan’t be that organized. The design of the letter may have something to do with word; may not. Depends on the day & the letter. Mainly an excuse to draw a letter. Not trying for an entire alphabet in a year. A gradual project as I have space on Sundays. We’ll see what happens.

Past Letters

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Stay safe. Stay sane,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. There is an Akhal-Teke mare at the barn where I board. She is a bay and doesn’t display the metallic properties of some colors. I believe she was imported as a young horse from Russia. She is a lovey trail mare but quite high energy and a beautiful mover.

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