If We Can’t Travel, At Least Our Postcards Can

Random Images The world is vast & weird.     Have restarted Postcrossing, wherein I send/receive postcards from randomly-assigned strangers around the world [Latest Batch of Postcrossing, October 2016]. Have indicated a mild preference (they frown on direct requests) for horse-related cards to use as blog posts. Solved my postcard supply problem [PostUNcrossing] via theContinue reading “If We Can’t Travel, At Least Our Postcards Can”

An HTML Color Factory

Celebrating Art     Coloring a gray landscape. What if color where produced in a factory? Not the coloring agents, the colors themselves. Illustration of Sloss Furnaces using the original HTML colors. Free download from Yellowhammer Creative Coloring Book by Codey Richards. Random tidbit. Goggle says Houston and NYC have museums called Color Factory. IContinue reading “An HTML Color Factory”

Moonrats, Fiction Fragment II

Script for page one of a graphic novel. Page Layout Three standard rectangular frames. One large, half to 2/3 of page. Two small frames underneath. The margins around the frames are illustrated with a design that represent the lunar surface. As the location of the action changes from page to page, the design in theContinue reading “Moonrats, Fiction Fragment II”

More Finds, Rodney’s Stickers

Random Images The world is vast & weird.     More treasures from coronovirus cabin fever [Found Fotos, Milton]. Stickers of photos of art work by Martine Greenlee [The Reveal]. Bought in the three finishes on offer: glossy, matte, transparent. I got the small size as test of concept. I’m sure I can find usesContinue reading “More Finds, Rodney’s Stickers”

We Are All In This Together

Lettering & Graphic Design   Update. The Disappearing Post. Short Version. Scheduled two by mistake. Removed one. Saved for later. Long version. Been a while since I’ve had a scheduling error. I guess I was due. Was having trouble with this design, see first attempt, below. Since it was getting late in the week, IContinue reading “We Are All In This Together”

Rodney’s New Show Name, Briefly

Training Journal If you’re riding a horse, you’ve already won.   Note. This was originally scheduled for Monday, March 2, 2020, as a preshow post before the barrel race show report [The Meaning Behind Mondays]. We went. We barreled. We did not show. Therefore, no need for a show name [Not From Around These Parts].Continue reading “Rodney’s New Show Name, Briefly”