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Coloring a gray landscape. What if color where produced in a factory? Not the coloring agents, the colors themselves. Illustration of Sloss Furnaces using the original HTML colors. Free download from Yellowhammer Creative Coloring Book by Codey Richards.

Random tidbit. Goggle says Houston and NYC have museums called Color Factory. I want to goooooo. I don't care which one.


Process Notes. Back in the day, computers recognized 16 colors. Four shades of black to white, top row; six full tones, middle rows; and six half-tones, bottom rows.

I found out about these while writing the alien invasion sketch [The Sixteen]. I already had the idea of naming the aliens after colors. That seemed sufficiently weird and arbitrary. I went online to get more names. Voilà . A set of names and another element for the story.

They were still on my mind when this page came along. I started with the set of 16, plus a quarter-tone green for the pipes. The storage silos use full tones shading to black. The vertical pipes use half-tones shading to gray. As always, my color choices are mathematical rather than artistic. This makes the process more of a puzzle than a creative expression. This doesn’t seem “right” in an aesthetic sense, but whatever keeps one amused, I guess.

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  1. I’d go to the N.Y. Color Factory. Maybe not right now but sooooon. We could meet there.

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