Winter, Midnight, & Christmas, An Entry For The Mares In Black Coloring Contest

Celebrating Art

Winter, Midnight, & Christmas

From line art supplied by Mares In Black, A Model Horse Podcast. “Christine Jordan whipped up this wonderful holiday themed coloring sheet for us … Entrants are welcome to color in the art anyway they please, digitally or manually, in any media they please! Markers, watercolor, Photoshop, acrylics, crayons, MS Paint, mixed media, you name it! The sky is the limit.” Mares In Black: The 2019 MIB Holiday Contest!

Deadline: December 24th, 2019.
Entry: Free, as far as I can tell.
Image: contest page >”download the line art here.” > download page > PDF.
Divisions: Open & Youth
Prizes: “MIB swag, OF models and other fun surprises.” (ibid)

Entries already showing up on Instagram, maresinblack. Assist scored by Road To BreyerFest. I found out about the MIB contest from the RtB Facebook page.

Mares In Black: MIB Coloring Contest Results!
[Overstayed Welcome, December Contest Entries]

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Katherine Walcott

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  1. I kind of want to see if my niece and nephew want to do this with me. They’re far more artistic than I!

    P.S. That would be really cool if there could be a blue horse.

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