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#GWstorieseverywhere – Overstayed Welcome
Entry 1

It was over. Words were exchanged. I had my own place now. Yet, I hung around the apartment like a Christmas tree in February. #GWstorieseverywhere

Entry 2

Sunny sky becomes heat wave. Scenic snow becomes inconvenient slush. Refreshing rain becomes mud and flood. Time. The difference between good weather and bad. #GWstorieseverywhere

Entry 3

Night. Fading echoes of revelry. Other guests depart. The table bears crumbs and candle stubs. My host invites me to linger. Polite or lonely? #GWstorieseverywhere

“Each month we invite you to post a story on Twitter.” #GWSE
Winner, December
Gotham Writers

All of my entries hit the 25-word limit. I found that adding one more word can wedge in another thought.

The contest did not give a limit on number of entries. Since other contests from the same source specify one-entry-per, I proceeded under the assumption that more was okay for this one. Makes a better blog post.

Today is the first day of the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge. I have a week to write a story with the given prompts. Contest is four rounds, ending in June. I shall report back on the process if there is anything interesting to say. I will post entries here once I am booted out or the contest is over. [FYI, Another Writing Contest]

January: Let it go #GWSE
Requirements: 25 words, posted on Twitter, end of the month, free
Gotham Writers

Mistakes Were Made
“The year 2020 reminds us of the phrase: Hindsight is 20/20. So we invite you to look back on your life and tell us about something that, in hindsight, you would have done differently.” Mistakes Were Made
Requirements: 20 words, March 1, 2020, free
Gotham Writers

Speaking of Contests

While I did not win the Mares In Black Coloring Contest, I did have a excellent time using the contest as excuse to work with digital colors. Check out the variety of coloring choices, MIB Coloring Contest Entries Winners were announced on the 12/31/19 podcast, Happy New Year from the Mares! Since there are no names attached to the posted entries, I can't tell you which won, other than not mine.

Mares In BlackMIB Coloring Contest Results!
[Winter, Midnight, & Christmas, An Entry For The Mares In Black Coloring Contest]

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Katherine Walcott

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  1. Can someone please explain to me what the heck “#” (hashtag) actually means and what it does? To me, the # symbol means ‘pound’ or ‘number’ or a slanted tick-tack-toe board. I know, i’m a young dinosaur but I just can’t keep up.

  2. It is a sorting mechanism. If you type #word into the search bar on Twitter or Instagram, it will pull up all tweets/posts that have been given that label. For example, typing #GWstorieseverywhere in Twitter will show all of the contest entries.

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