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The world is vast & weird.


More treasures from coronovirus cabin fever [Found Fotos, Milton]. Stickers of photos of art work by Martine Greenlee [The Reveal]. Bought in the three finishes on offer: glossy, matte, transparent. I got the small size as test of concept. I’m sure I can find uses for the medium and the large, which is bigger than half a page. MaGree Shop on Redbubble.

Remember back when I talked about Rodney’s sweatshirt [Wearable Art]? I also ordered these stickers. They never arrived. Or, I thought they hadn’t.


Now that I see the flamboyant packaging, I do remember them arriving. This fact slipped my mind. I was convinced that they were never sent or that they had been wedged in with other stuff and overlooked. Glad I never sent that bitchy consumer letter to Redbubble.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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  1. So many silver linings to this mess! I just found our 20th anniversary menu, signed by all the guests and shrink wrapped. This year is 30! A different celebration is in order but we weren’t planning a party anyway.

    Also, photos are turning up….pure gold!

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