A Herd of Postcrossing Horses

Celebrating Art In Small Packages   Awareness of the outside world. Tons of it. Literally. See last postcard. ~~~ Back Copy Siena – Tuscany – Italy Palio della Contrade nel secolo XVIII The Palio in the 18th century Other Info Painting by by Giuseppe Zocchi The Atlantic: ‘Instagram’ for 18th-Century Tourists, In the 1700s, highlyContinue reading “A Herd of Postcrossing Horses”

Hard Times Horse, Alexandria VA, Guest Photos

Random Images The world is vast & weird.   Vicarious travel for the win. Photos taken March 2020, early in the month, before the world went away. Welcome Amy. [Amy’s Archives] Deja vu? Yes. I sent this into the ring prematurely back on May 3, 2020. Was excused and sent back to wait in warm-upContinue reading “Hard Times Horse, Alexandria VA, Guest Photos”

Horse Stamp, Rearing Stallion, Alexander Calder

Celebrating Art   The Stamps Commemorative stamps issued March 25, 1998, the 100th anniversary of Calder’s birth. Designed by Derry Noyes. Manufactured by Stamp Venturers, Inc. Smithsonian, National Postal Museum, Arago: Alexander Calder Issue U.S. #3198-3202 1998 32¢ Alexander Calder Issue Date: March 25, 1998 City: Washington, DC Quantity: 80,000,000 Printed By: Stamp Venturers PrintingContinue reading “Horse Stamp, Rearing Stallion, Alexander Calder”

The Merhorse, An Exercise In Blue And Green, With Free Coloring PDFs

Celebrating Art     I Dream Horses: A Coloring Book for Everyone by Linda Dalziel (CreateSpace 2016) One of three free coloring pages offered via the book’s Facebook page @idreamhorses. Credit for the assist to BB. Process Notes. For this one, I picked the colors by eye. The result looks as if randomly I upendedContinue reading “The Merhorse, An Exercise In Blue And Green, With Free Coloring PDFs”

We – The Unicorns … Go On A Road Trip, Guest Post

Welcome Meg! [Archives] Meg McKinney, Photographer [We – The Unicorns … Arrive, Guest Post] ~~~     We – The Unicorns … Go On A Road Trip Story and Photographs by Meg McKinney   As if they stepped off a color wheel, the unicorns became brilliant creatures in the sunshine. I couldn’t resist taking theirContinue reading “We – The Unicorns … Go On A Road Trip, Guest Post”

In Closing, Color Contrast

Lettering & Graphic Design     A logo exercise on Sunday is my graphic design equivalent of the monthly state of the blog on Saturday. Process Notes.The 16 letters stacked up reminded me of the HTMl 16 colors contrast chart, only not the HTML colors again. Tweaked the secondary colors to my idea of theContinue reading “In Closing, Color Contrast”