In Closing, Color Contrast

Lettering & Graphic Design


A logo exercise on Sunday is my graphic design equivalent of the monthly state of the blog on Saturday.

Process Notes.The 16 letters stacked up reminded me of the HTMl 16 colors contrast chart, only not the HTML colors again. Tweaked the secondary colors to my idea of the opposites of yellow, blue, red. Checkerboard colors and 16 different fonts sounded good in my head. Too much confusion. The eye needs something to follow. Program fonts Arial bold & Century Schoolbook L bold. Drawing acquired fuzziness in exporting from Inkscape to GIMP. Fixed what I could figure out, declared the remainder to be a computer communication issue beyond my capacity, and moved on. Final question, If any color is possible, why can’t I get a decent green?

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

4 thoughts on “In Closing, Color Contrast

  1. “Add some yellow?” I couldn’t do with paint in any case. Much like music, I can’t tell one shade(note) from the other.

    “You might not have ..” Thank you! Will look into.

    1. I tend to make up batches of paint, discover I haven’t mixed enough, and not be able to quite match my own mix.
      One of the regrets of my life is that decades of asthma inhalers have ruined my voice so I can’t sing. Music has always been important in my life.Sing myself to sleep….

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