State Of The Blog Logo & Color Reference

Celebrating Art     Red, Green, Blue “This color model is based on adding and mixing light – when you add Red, Green, and Blue light together, you create a pure white.” Modern Soapmaking, DIY Design: What’s the difference between RGB and CMYK?. Think of aiming spotlights onto a dark stage. R0 B0 G0 =Continue reading “State Of The Blog Logo & Color Reference”

Shipshape, Travel Week, Day 1, Greenwich, England, Guest Photo

Random Images   Intro, week: Do you feel like traveling? I feel like traveling. Let’s hear it for vicarious travel. Intro, today: Travel photo by Jennifer Garlen, who blogs about classic movies at Virtual Virago. Welcome Jennifer. Horse posts on Virtual Virago Virtual Virago: Stars of the Stands: Classic Hollywood at the Kentucky Derby MuseumContinue reading “Shipshape, Travel Week, Day 1, Greenwich, England, Guest Photo”

Horse Art Found On My Kitchen Counter

Graphic Design     14 Hands Winery Cynthia Sampson, artist I’m ambivalent about featuring an alcoholic product on this blog. The cover art is pretty. I have issues with the contents. On one hand, there is an enormous social and personal cost to alcoholic misuse. On the other hand, I enjoy the occasional beer afterContinue reading “Horse Art Found On My Kitchen Counter”