Post-Modern Rorschach Test

On My Mind, Miscellaneous Visuals     Graphic companion to yesterday’s post, [Daily Inklings, Another Internet Writing Site]. Process Notes. Was going for an mirrored ink blot. Inklings, inkblot, get it? I crack myself up. Anyway. Couldn’t figure out how to get an inkblot shape that was going to be even halfway attractive. Decided toContinue reading “Post-Modern Rorschach Test”

The Write Start, Teardrop Lettering

On My Mind, Miscellaneous Visuals     ~~~ The Write Start is a 21-day writing prompt program being run by See Jane Write. Hot Pink is the brand color for SJW. Process notes: Geometric. Manipulating shapes to fit grids rather than relying on drawing skill. More clever than artistic. [The Write Start, Circle Lettering]  Continue reading “The Write Start, Teardrop Lettering”

The Letters of Dressage II

On My Mind, Miscellaneous Visuals     ~~~ Process Notes: I see why designers like vector graphics. For the initial drawing, pixel and vector take the same amount of time. If anything, vector drawing takes slightly longer, at least for me. The difference comes when changing the design. For these, I reused the letters fromContinue reading “The Letters of Dressage II”