Harvest of Giant Marshmallows, Travel Week, Day 3, Vermont, USA, Guest Photos

Random Images   Intro, week: Do you feel like traveling? I feel like traveling. Let’s hear it for vicarious travel. Intro, today: Roaming Reader [Archives]. ~~~   “In the United States, silage is more often fed to cattle than horses …. Horses are fed hay in the United States because the weather is typically dryContinue reading “Harvest of Giant Marshmallows, Travel Week, Day 3, Vermont, USA, Guest Photos”

A Princely Porta Potty

Random Images   Seen at Saturday’s horse show [Spontaneous Showing]. The diagonal seat is genius. It is one of those ‘Duh, why didn’t anyone think of this before?’ moments. As you see in the photo, the seat of the portable toilet is set on the diagonal, creating more space for one’s legs. I did notContinue reading “A Princely Porta Potty”

Low Key Photo Challenge, Back To School

Photography     The barn aisles are quiet. The painted ponies have been cleaned. The ice pop wrappers have been picked up. Summer camp ends. School starts. ~~~ Process Notes Phone. Haven’t had the big camera out in ages. Couldn’t face trying to recall what all the buttons do. Procedure for the Low Key PhotoContinue reading “Low Key Photo Challenge, Back To School”

The World Is Vast And Weird, Hay Equipment Edition, Guest Photo Post

People collect hay-making equipment. There are at least two associations for such folks, Hay Tool Collectors’ Association, North American Hay Tool Collector’s Association. There are auctions at which one can compete to purchase collectible hay equipment. Photos by Roaming Reader [Archives]. Thank you for reading, Katherine Walcott

What’s In The Feed Scoop, Winter 2019

Milton Plus apple or carrot & soaked down. Rodney Ditto. Discussion As promised, we switched from the Triple Crown Naturals. Yes, we as a society need to monitor our food streams. Does The Jungle by Sinclair ring any bells? OTOH, the current non-GMO craze is fueled by hysteria &/or marketing hype. Glad to be offContinue reading “What’s In The Feed Scoop, Winter 2019”