Low Key Photo Challenge, Back To School



The barn aisles are quiet.
The painted ponies have been cleaned.
The ice pop wrappers have been picked up.

Summer camp ends.
School starts.
Process Notes
Phone. Haven’t had the big camera out in ages. Couldn’t face trying to recall what all the buttons do.

Procedure for the Low Key Photo Challenge
1) I post a photo on a given theme.
2) You comment below with a link to your photo(s) on that theme.
3) We all click over to see what you have.
That’s it. No prizes. No rules. No submissions. Just pretty pictures to enjoy. For more explanation, [Inaugural Edition]. Photo Challenge [Archives]

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

6 thoughts on “Low Key Photo Challenge, Back To School

  1. This hit a nerve. I haven’t had either of my “big” cameras out in over a year … maybe more. How did that happen? I dunno. Like you, the desire for remembering and reacquainting just isn’t there. There’s been times I’ve thought to myself, did I lose my eye for it? My enthusiasm? Did I get flooded and overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge one must have today to not only take a good photo, but then to have to process it too? Yes, that was definitely some of it. I was able to keep up with the technology for awhile, but then I started feeling left behind. Computers needed updating or upgrading just to keep up with the pace of the camera software. I started to feel like I was caught up in a race I could never win and it sucked all the joy out of what started as a simple hobby. Then I had eye problems and that all but put the nail in the coffin. You can’t ‘do’ photography today unless your eyes are in great shape. All the processing and computer time it requires puts a huge strain on the peepers. So yeah, camera phone, which of course I hate.

    1. I’d love to get back to my big old film camera but I still can’t get the back open. Don’t want to force it. The one I have – Minolta SRT-201 – is so old it’s now considered a classic. Live long enough….

  2. Is there really more post-processing these days? Seems like the darkroom was quite an art in itself. I ask out of complete ignorance, I have worked with neither. I remember being amazed at what the newspaper photo editor could do back in the pre-computer days.

    1. In high school I was briefly in the photography club, and had access to medium-format cameras as well as the more familiar 35mm. And older boy processed the film into negatives, but we printed our own stuff. I’ve forgotten everything I’ve ever known about manipulating photos in the darkroom, but the prints I have show interesting contrasts. I never did get the white edges to come out straight.

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