Milton’s Most Recent Adventure, Getting Lunch

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Milton definitely has his trailer legs. I stopped counting how often we go off the property with him. He’s been to highway rest stops [not a post]. He’s been to roadside convenience stores for ice before shows. He’s even stopped for gas, although I try to have the truck’s gas tank filled beforehand. Last weekend, he had a new experience. We stopped in the middle of town to pick up food.

Went to Stepping Stone Farm. Long-lined. Walked around outside of the ring.

Headed home. Nothing in the house for lunch. Stopped at local BBQ joint for sandwich. Milton thought this was weird.

His attention may have been caught by the construction of the new, massive Arts Center across the street.

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Katherine Walcott

5 thoughts on “Milton’s Most Recent Adventure, Getting Lunch

  1. Glad he travels well. Here, three out of four do fine no matter what kind of rig you present. (Stock, enclosed, straight load, slant load, etc.) The fourth, the one I’d most like to take places won’t even come close to a trailer, little own get on anything. Not after hours and hours of non-stressful trying and boatloads of patience. *sigh* Yeah. Horses …. gotta love ’em.

  2. Previous horse spent a month being coddled to get on the trailer. He was fed from a bucket just on the trailer. Slowly moved the bucket onto the trailer until he was fully stretched out with his nose in the bucket and his hinds still off the trailer. Did that for a few days. Finally a good yank on the lead from one of us and broom in the ass from the other and he never hesitated to get on the trailer again. Sometimes the carrot. Sometimes the stick.

  3. Yes, I will absolutely give Milton cred for loading and shipping well. Although, most of our trips are local, therefore short & easy. Still, the one time we went far away, the travel was about the only thing that went right.

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