Preferring the Pasture, State of the Fitness, May 2022

Fit To Ride

Awareness of the outside world. UN: World Bicycle Day.


Losing my enthusiasm for walking elsewhere, even if I am already out running errands.

One. No new walks. If I am simply walking around in circle, I might as well go home.

Because …

Two. I really like to walk at the close of the day.

Except when it rains for entire week. Still trying to keep my knees happy by staying out of slippery conditions. Early in a rain event I can squeak by on the flat area of the pasture. After it gets muddy, I go somewhere else.


Stepping Stone Farm, after loading [October Walks]

Birmingham Zoo [A Walk in the Zoo, A Sprint for Sloths, A Semi-Virtual 5k]

To voting on Tuesday

Corporate office park [Another Lakeside Stroll photo]


Walking – 22 times in 31 days. Three were Virtual Tevis warm-up walks of one lap, so 19 regular walks of one mile or more. [Different Ways of Walking]

Online Tai Chi – 10 times in 22 weekdays, plus one Saturday morning. Turned out to be the last exercise for a while.

Bike – 2 days.

Exercise days – 24 days. Math is wonky. Some days did two, some days none.

Non-exercises days – 7 days. Horse activities, 3 days. Rain, 1 day. Resting after failing to stick the landing off of a stool, 3 days.

Mileage Logs

Walking [Virtual Mississippi River]

Walking, warm-up laps [Virtual Tevis]

Biking [Virtual Great Ocean Road]


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