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Blogging About Blogging

Awareness of the outside world. In looking up links for this post, I came across a post from January of 2020. [Adventures in Predicting the Future, The 2020 Show Season]

As I have said before and probably will say again, ‘We had no idea …‘ Not a profound thought, but one that keeps smacking me in the face. [Exploring The Rabbit Hole]


A blog hop is anthology, i.e. a collection of stories around a central theme. Entertain us. Share your variations on these themes. Some I have written up; some are ideas for the future.

if you blog any of these hops, please comment here &/or message me so I can list your post. If you have already written posts that fit, please drop a link in the comments so we may enjoy.

Not a horse blogger? Got you covered. Ideas for all bloggers & non-equine bloggers below.

Not a blogger? If you feel moved by one or more of these, let’s talk guest post.

Let the writing begin!

For Horse Bloggers

How We Met. How did you find the horse(s) you are riding now? Did you search for him/her on your own? Shop with a trainer? Classifieds? Did you know the horse before? And so on.

Rodney [The Horse Next Door]
Milton [Mail-Order Horse]

Wait For The Jump: That Time I Bought a Paso Fino

Horse Sport Cross-Training. If you have done more than two horse sports/disciplines, what have you learned from X that helped you with Y? The farther apart the sports/disciplines, the better.

“Thirty-four years of grunting around dressage rings gave me hope for a stellar pattern. My riding past is usually an albatross in these classes. It was nice to have it work in my favor.” [Important Questions]

Things Are Looking Up. It’s easy to be a curmudgeon. [Watching Kentucky, Having Opinions & Get Off My Lawn, And Take Your Warmblood With You]

What GOOD changes have you seen in the horse world?

I’m warming to zippered boots, in both fit and looks. [My Heart Is In My Boots]

Back when I was showing Milton, I shopped for a new coat but didn’t buy. Based on my reaction to the new show shirts, I suspect I would like a technical show coat. [Show Shirt Surprise]

Dream Destination I – Spectating. “Every discipline has a high-end horse show as festival: world-class competition, oodles of like-minded folks, old friends from every part of your life, and shopping.” [Peregrinatio]

Have you been? Take us with you.

Rolex, as was. [Lexington post archive, specifically Peregrinatio in Stabilitate & the rest of that week in 2012]

Louisville, not my dream but I recognize the sparkle. [Spotted on the Green Shavings]

Dream Destination II – Riding. Did you ride at one of these mega shows? Do tell.

I should write up my sidesaddle adventures some day. [Dream Rides]

Not quite a mega-show; sure was fun. “Immediately, every dormant competitive instinct sat up & said ‘We’re not dead yet.’ ” [Nationals I Have Known & Nationals I Have Known, As Seen From A Cart]

Dream Destination III – Travel. Shows aren’t everything. (Gasp!) Tell us about your experience with horse culture in countries other than your own. [Riding in Reykjavik, Guest Post & Riding Abroad]

My Other Hobbies. What do you do for fun when you are not at the barn?

I have many, many, way-too-many minor interests, most of which I have managed to wedge into a horse blog. [Stamps, Weaving, Dance, and so on]

A few I have not blogged about, Geocaching being the only one that comes to mind at the moment. I didn’t get out enough for this to be interesting and then 2020.

Of course, if you work in the horse world, these qualify as hobbies rather than other hobbies. Dressage trainer Sara Bradley runs in her spare (?!?) time, Middle Aged Runner: The 10 Commandments of The Boston Marathon.

For All Bloggers

Dream Destination. Every thing has a big thing wherein like-minded folks gather to celebrate that thing. Tell us about yours.

Qualifying in Dream Destination & My Other Hobbies, Been There, Done That: More Blackpool. For background, BTDT: Blackpool & BTDT: Blackpool

Things Are Looking Up. With outrage on every news cycle, it is easy to become pessimistic and defeatist. What are some GOOD changes in society as reflected in your life?

For Non-Equine Bloggers

A Whiff of Horsehair. No matter what you do for work or play, I am willing to bet there is a horse component. Doubt this? Searching horses & space yields, “The 5-year-old horse named Ghost is part of the Bureau of Land Management at Vandenberg Air Force Base in Southern California.” CNN: The Space Force has a new recruit: A wild mustang – CNN.

“Since I currently work as a librarian, I also desired to use this opportunity to highlight the amazing resources housed in libraries.” [Guest Post: Amy Kilkenny on Equine Bookplates]

Blog Hop Posts

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State of the Blog [archives]


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