My Best Class: Blog Hop Invitation

Yesterday, I said, “That class was probably the best I’ve ridden.” [Lessons from a Show] What was your best? Tell us about it.

Procedure: Write a blog post on the subject of the best class you ever had at a horse show. Post a link in the comments. I’ll make a list.

Blogless?: Contact me about running your story as a guest post.

Specifics: However you define “best”, i.e. winning, riding well, losing with style. Any discipline. To keep the cats herded in vaguely the same direction, this blog hop will be limited to competitions. Someone want to start a Best Ride blog hop?

Horseless?: Talk about how well your dog did at flyball. I’ve seen dog agility. It’s knee-high show jumping. Cats? The shows aren’t too different from halter classes.

Deadline: None. If the comments are closed, email the link to Two years from now? Blog still here? Bring it on. BTW, I close the comments after 30 days to reduce spam. It helps.

Badge: Share and enjoy.
MBC blog hop badge

Thanks to the site How to Be the Host with the Most: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Running a Blog Challenge for the badge and hashtag suggestions.

Talk to me.

Blog Roll
My Best Class Ever – Part One at Been There, Done That.
My Best Class: Blog Hop at Christine Meunier Author. Judging by the name in the comments, I think this is the new home for My Best Class: Blog Hop at Horse Country.
BLOG HOP: My best class ever at NZPony Rider. Scroll down for a picture of JJ being smug about his win.
The Ride of a Lifetime at Been There, Done That.
No Witnesses at Writing From the Right Side of the Stall. This was the woman who found Milton for me [Mail-Order Horse]. If I look closely, I can see traces of chestnut in the gray.

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