The Illustrated Month, June


Awareness of the outside world. ARTNews: The 25 Best Artworks About the U.S. Flag, From the Patriotic to the Provocative, Greenberger, 2022.



J – Flag Day. US Flag Code, Cornell LII

U – Solstice. Summer Sun. Countries with sun flags: Argentina, Bangladesh, Republic of China (Taiwan), Rwanda, Namibia, Uruguay. World Atlas: Which National Flags Feature A Sun In Their Design?

N – “Strawberry Moon … June’s Full Moon also coincides with a Supermoon. The Moon will be at one of its closest points to Earth all year at 7:21 p.m. Eastern.” Inverse: Full Moon 2022 calendar: Dates, times, schedule, and names for the brightest nights all year, Spivak 2021. Lunar flags, BBC: China becomes second nation to plant flag on the Moon, 2020

E – Juneteenth. “You’ll see that the Juneteenth flag uses the exact same colors as the United States’s flag: red, white, and blue. This was intentional and meant to show that the formerly enslaved and their descendants are free Americans, too.” Oprah Daily: The True Meaning of the Juneteenth Flag, Explained, Jean-Philippe, 2022.

Book. A Flag Worth Dying For: The Power and Politics of National Symbols (Politics of Place), Tim Marshal, (Elliott and Thompson 2016). Started but not finished. [A Vexillological Moment]

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