The Illustrated Month, January



(because my art does not speak for itself)

J – New Year

A – named after Janus

N – snow (3 Jan)

U – Drum Run [Traipsing With A Tempo]

A – Janus, facing the other way

R – family birthday

Y – sun, longer days

All original, both letters & shapes. Go me!

I whine a lot on here, therefore to balance the karmic scales, I’ll say I am pleased with how this came out. Sure, I’d love to be a gifted artist who could make each letter a magical vignette. I’m not. So. … what to do … need an art idea … what to do … use the name of the month? … draw it up pretty … oooh, with a month-relevant color scheme … and month-relevant illustrations. The result is darn close to what I had in mind. Yay.


6 thoughts on “The Illustrated Month, January

  1. Go you!
    Very well done.
    Even some suspense as I saw only one face of Janus at first.
    Especially like the birthday letter.

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