Traipsing With A Tempo, Walk Report, MLK Day 5K Drum Run

Fit To Ride

Awareness of the outside world. Monday was MLK Day of Service. I didn’t. In my defense, bad weather was predicted for that weekend. But mostly I dropped the ball. Vow to do better next year.

The start.

MLK Day 5K Drum Run – Birmingham
Birmingham AL, USA
Saturday, January 15, 2022

Time – 52:59.0 (official), 52:34 (my time)
Pace – 5.8 kph, or 3.6 mph
Place – 232 (official) out of 268 (my estimate)
Gender/Age Group – 10 out of 15

As before. Walk. Drums. Awesome. [Strolling To A Soundtrack]

The most masked activity I have been to yet, despite being outside. Spotted my first N95 in the wild. Some folks walked with masks. As with previous IRL walk, I wore mine in the – very loose- crowds at the start and finish. During the walk itself, I removed them and then made sure I stayed at least 10 feet from another person. I do have N95s to wear. I’m saving the fancy masks for indoor situations that I can’t avoid. My reading of the charts says cloth + surgical works well enough for outside. [Magic City 5K 2021]

The finish.

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As of today, soundtrack still available from last year, “Listen to and Download the 2021 MLK Day 5K Drum Run – Birmingham Soundtrack/Score below. Featuring Freestyle Percussion All-Stars, Sahi On Ko Djony, Exposure Community Development Corporation and Ramsay High School Drumline.” Drum Run Bham

Props to Red Diamond for the free après-walk hot chocolate.


8 thoughts on “Traipsing With A Tempo, Walk Report, MLK Day 5K Drum Run

  1. I Katherine —

    Congrats on finishing the run!

    I listened to a little of the sound track at the links on your post.

    Being there with drums — and I usually like drum solos and marching bands — would have driven me to a very un-friendly place. The drum practicing that I hear in my part of Bham is on Friday nights, and sometimes on the weekend, for weeks on end, and I can hear them INSIDE MY HOME.

    For an hour or more.

    I hear them if I don’t have the tv on, or when I stop sewing at my machine …

    If I step outside — they’re right there, it seems.

    Anyway, I know it’s keeping kids busy, off the streets, learn new mental skills, improve eye-hand coordination, have a goal, etc…. and who want to be a Mrs. Kravitz or An Old Crank?

    Maybe I should go somewhere on those nights — like a bar? a real concert?

    Otherwise, it’s a neat idea to have the drum groups accompany runners — gets kids involved, be outdoors, and makes this run different …

    Rant over- Meg


  2. So…why not do a day of service another day vs wait a year? You can still do it to honor MLK. It’s what’s in our heart, not exactly when we do it.

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