In Which I Set A PR, Walk Report, Magic City 5K 2021

Fit To Ride

Awareness of the outside world. Race benefits Girls on the Run.

The Results
Magic City 5K
Sunday, November 21, 2021
Birmingham AL
Time, gun – 48:43.6. General race start to my finish.
Time, chip – 48:06.6. Crossing start line to crossing finish line.
Time, Racejoy – 47:44. GPS on phone.
RunSignup: Results, Individual
Props to the race for supplying free photos. Photographer not listed.

The Walk


First since the before times.

I wanted to see what time I could put up with a clear course in front of me. No stoplights, no decisions, just walk.

As I tell my horse, I thought about taking big, fluid steps. I thought about setting my feet down softly rather than stomping on the concrete, possibly faster, certainly easier on my legs.

I did excellently. Personal Record for 5K.

Between 47-49 minutes depending on which timing method I consult. That’s close to 15-minute miles. With work, I could maintain 4 mph.

Did I want to? I don’t know.

Part of my daily walking is letting my mind wander. I think about this & that. I let my mind go gently blank.

That did not happen on this walk.

To get this PR, I had no time to ponder. I spent the entire time concentrated on the walk. Can I add an inch to this stride? Am I swingy? Am I at maximum capacity? I found it very easy to slide down to 80% effort. Still feels like work, but wasn’t the max. Spent most of the walk goosing self back up to 100%. Speed up. Take a few strides. Speed up. Strides. Speed. And so on.

That is also why there is not in-walk media from me. Didn’t want to get waylaid.

Speed or strolling. Which is better? Depends on the purpose.

Side note. As I said two years ago, I have zero nerves about these walks. That’s worth noting, as I can get spun up at the drop of a hat over trifles. Either this is what I should be doing with my life or I am not invested enough to get in a tizzy. I suspect the latter.

Second side note. Wore a mask for the crowds at the beginning and end. Took it off during walk. Kept my distance.

Third side note. I’ve gotten so used to virtual races sending loot all at once that when the shirt arrived, I wondered were the medal was. Oh, that’s right. Shirt. Walk. Then medal.

Personal Record!

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Stay safe. Stay sane.

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