State of the Fitness, Keeping Track, Lap Counting With Sound

Fit To Ride

Awareness of the outside world. Winter Olympics, Beijing 2022. Athletics should be about international cooperation outside of politics. Yes. There are things in life more important watching a handful of folks slide around on ice and snow. Also yes. I don’t know where that leaves us.

I’ve done the pasture loop many (many, many ….) times.

Part of walking is the chance to let my mind wander. [My Two Horses]

Given those two items, it is very (very, very …) easy for me to lose track of my lap count, even for as few as three laps.

Therefore, my method for keeping track, with or without horse.

First lap. Silence.

Second lap. Audio book.

Third lap. Silence.

Wait? What? Which lap am I on? Okay, the previous lap had noise, so this must be lap three.

Second horse, reset at lap one.

Note. Usually Rodney goes first. One day last week, he was standing in the barn. So, I put him up & took Milton first, in reverse of the usual order. It was a cold, blustery day. Milton was on his toes. Rodney was mellow. Is Rodney learning about walks? Does the order of go matter? Sample size too small. Will investigate.


Pasture. Daily walks, sometimes with horse, sometimes not. One 5K, Tromsø Virtual Polar Night, which I did by moonlight, will post about once medal arrives. Daily mileage [Walking Virtually, Angkor Wat, finished!] & [Biking and Walking Virtually, Mississippi River, Part One, Minnesota, gonna be a long time before I finish this one]

Star Lake. Checking out places in case night walk didn’t work out. Night? Star? I crack myself up.

unnamed corporate lake. Mud, running errands, change of scene.

Downtown Birmingham, [Traipsing With A Tempo, Walk Report, MLK Day 5K Drum Run]

Local park, once, brought dog along for outing.

Can’t wait to travel again & to look for parks elsewhere. Find out if the Birmingham area is specially endowed with parks or if I never noticed in other places.


WALK. 31 walks in 31 days. Walked every day. OTOH, I only rode a handful of times. Not a trade-off I want to make on a regular basis.

TAI CHI. 2 classes. [It Is Live Or Is It Memorex, Thoughts About Exercising Online]

STRETCH. Tiny bits, while the dog looked for the perfect blade of grass to anoint. Also practiced balancing on one foot in spare moments.

RIDING LESSON. One, SSF. Sore in the saddle-seat specific parts, but doesn’t lay me out the way a Hunter Barn lesson does. Walked both horses later that day. [Back In The Saddle, Saddle Seat Style]

DANCE. none of 4 or 8. Signed up for Intermediate, canceled due to low enrollment. Signed up for Beginner, did not go. I’m vacced and boosted. The dance studio is as as compliant as any place in my area. And yet.

“This made last Friday (Jan 21) the 10th deadliest day of the whole pandemic and the deadliest since vaccines were widely available to Americans.” [YLE: State of Affairs: Jan 24]

I hermited for much of January. Exercise was outside or online. Probably an extreme reaction. Even experts were saying mask up rather than stay home. But. I didn’t want to be a link in the chain that put someone else in the hospital. It’s hard to resist when safety and inertia are pulling in the same direction.


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